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What's The Deal With "Gold Filled" Jewelry

What's The Deal With "Gold Filled" Jewelry

If you're wondering if 18-karat gold filled jewelry is worth the investment, read on. We've got the 411 on this luxurious metal so that you can make an informed and conscious decision when purchasing gold filled jewelry through The Miami Look


How is 18K Gold-Filled Jewelry Made?

18k gold is a mix of pure gold and other alloy metals. In this case, 18 out of 24 parts are pure gold. What percentage is this? 18k gold consists of 75% pure gold and 25% other metals, such as copper, nickel, and zinc.


However, 18k gold-filled is not the same as solid 18k gold and does not contain 75% pure gold. In contrast, 18K Gold-Filled only contains a thick layer of pure gold (approximately 5% total weighted material) bonded to a base metal (usually copper, brass, or silver) through intense heat & pressure. This intense manufacturing process that the gold undergoes makes it a very durable metal.


Is 18K Gold Filled Jewelry "Real"?

Depends on your perspective, 18K Gold Filled jewelry contains a "real" gold layer, so technically it is real gold. However, since 25% is a mixture of other alloy metals, it's often referred to as "gold-filled." If you're looking to buy jewelry made from pure gold, then 18K Gold Filled is probably not what you're looking for. 


Why is 18K Gold Filled More Appealing?

Offering all the bling and sparkle of solid gold but at a fraction of the cost, 18k gold filled is perfect for giving your wardrobe an extra dose of glam.


18k gold-filled jewelry contains a stronger metal (18k) layer, making it more durable than other higher-karat gold options and less likely to develop scratches. In addition, 18K gold-filled jewelry is a more hypoallergenic option than 10K or 14K, which means it's less likely to cause any skin irritations or reactions. Lastly, 18k gold-filled jewelry is easy to take care of, simply use mild soap and water to clean your jewelry and use a gentle polishing cloth every once in a while to give your jewelry the proper TLC to last a lifetime. 


Be Honest, How Long Will It Last?

18k gold filled is the perfect choice for jewelry pieces that are looking to stand the test of time! Remember at the top when I said there was REAL gold layered? We meant it! Rather than fading and tarnishing after just a few months, 18k gold filled can last a lifetime if you follow proper care instructions. That means you can invest in beautiful pieces without having to worry about replacing them every now and then. Plus, it's a fraction of the cost of solid gold. Now that's what we call a real win-win situation.


Long Story Short.......

18-karat gold-filled jewelry is an excellent alternative to solid gold jewelry because it has all the same shine, beauty and luster as solid gold but is far more affordable for the trendy sustainable beauty you are! Also, it's more durable than solid gold because it doesn't scratch or dent easily. So, if you're looking for beautiful jewelry that won't break the bank, 18-karat gold filled is a great option! has a wide selection with new styles added weekly. 


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